How do I teach Magic: The Gathering?

Do yo want to teach Magic: The Gathering to new players? Your friends, your girlfriend or wife, your co-workers?

By now, you must have realized by now how difficult it is. Magic is a very complex game, with a "Comprehensive Rules" manual about 200 pages long, and a "Basic Rules" of 36 pages. It looks more like a book of law than a game, doesn't it?

If you have ever tried to teach Magic with your own awesome decks, you will probably have stumbled upon a common problem: your decks are very complex.
You might have started talking about basic principles, and then needed to explain this keyword, and then this one, and then, oh, don't worry about that for now, and, hum, well, this card doesn't exactly works like it's written because of a thing named Oracle, and... well, you know what ? Let's try again later.

The solution, we believe, is to start slowly. Very slowly.

As we said, Magic is a very complex game. The learning curve is very steep. It's probably the steepest one for a card game. But it doesn't have to be. You can ease it up a bit for your friends. Let's try to do so together.

Let's begin »